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In general, I like to do fan art of t.v. shows or video games, but most of the work I have been doing in drawing or writing has been devoted to my novel, Wolf Feather. Several of the old concepts litter my gallery, while the newer, and finalized concepts will be posted as I progress on the books.

For updates focused solely on the work I do on my novel, watch or become a member of this group, where I will attempt to give weekly updates or post information about the books: wolffeather-novel.deviantart.c…


Siegfried -- Wolf Feather by FrostWolf095
Siegfried -- Wolf Feather
This is my first complete male drawing... ever, I think. I'm kind of proud that I actually managed to finish this one.

So, I started this one quite some time before I started Sis'shir, and almost got it done, but I kept getting stuck on design. However, after putting Sis'shir up and being very happy about it, I pushed myself to get this one done and inked so I could take it into Photoshop. Cleaning up the lines was a bit of a pain for this one though... maybe because I was eager to see it done. I wouldn't count on the next profile picture to be up quite so soon after this one, though.

This Siegfried is one of my characters for my books. Please do not use him without my permission.
Sis'shir Talnariel -- Wolf Feather by FrostWolf095
Sis'shir Talnariel -- Wolf Feather
Here's another profile picture for one of my characters. I've had this character show up before in my gallery, but only as older designs and concepts. Since I plan on using this character, I wanted to give her a new look--and here it is.

I know with the other profile pics I put a little blurb about the character in the description, but I think I'm going to stop doing that for the time being. I want the stories to reveal what they are like and where they come from, and hopefully in a more entertaining and in-depth way. Just know that, with Sis'shir, the reason the design has images of birds incorporated into it is because her alias as an assassin was "the Raven." This meant a lot to her, so she wanted her gear to reflect it.

Anyway, Sis'shir Talnariel is my character, and is tied to my work. Do not use her or her design without my permission.
Hello there, everyone.

So... I try to get something up once a week, but I kind of got knocked off my schedule by a bit of extra homework. I am still working on the profile pictures and finally got the lineart for one cleaned up. Once I finish coloring and shading it, it will be coming up. The process took a lot longer than I remembered... I really need to get a photoshop with the pen tool sometime. It would make this crazy quick and allow me to put up work more frequently.

Oh well... I'll just have to stick with what I have for now.

In regards to the group, I haven't been able to do enough proof reading on lore or race profiles to put something from either of those up, and I don't have any artwork available for it right now, so I won't be putting anything up until this weekend, at the earliest.
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Just a quick update this time. School has started again, and I am feeling really good after the surgery 3 weeks ago. I have most of my energy back now, and I'm healing up nicely--which means I'm back to working on art (when I'm not busy with homework, of course).

I have resumed work on profile pictures, and am in the process of cleaning the lines of one now. In regards to writing, I have been trying to write at least one scene every day--focusing as much as I can on the first book, or close to the first book--and I have been working on lore and race profiles. I might put some of the completed race profiles up, if I can decide on whether or not there should be a concept art with them as I do so. I'll figure it out.

Anyway... I hope you all are doing well, and have a great day.
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  • Listening to: Starbomb songs from their album, "Player Select"
  • Watching: Game Grumps or Markiplier
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Guinea Pig Family 3 by FrostWolf095
Guinea Pig Family 3
Sorry about the relatively poor quality of this pic... For some reason, it ended up really dark, and all my piggies had demon eyes. But, I wanted to put this up because the boys turned 6 months old a couple days ago, so I took a photo. I figured I might as well share. So... These piggies may not look it in this picture, but they have grown pretty big. Mama piggy is around 2 and a half pounds, while Mouse and Bear are closer to 2--and all three share a 8 square foot cage (I was cleaning it at this time, which is why the cage bars are there).

One of these days, I'll get a really nice picture that doesn't look so rushed.

Them at 2 weeks: Guinea Pig Family
Them at 2 months: Guinea Pig Family 2

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