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In general, I like to do fan art of t.v. shows or video games, but most of the work I have been doing in drawing or writing has been devoted to my novel, Wolf Feather. Several of the old concepts litter my gallery, while the newer, and finalized concepts will be posted as I progress on the books.

For updates focused solely on the work I do on my novel, watch or become a member of this group, where I will attempt to give weekly updates or post information about the books: wolffeather-novel.deviantart.c…


Hey everyone! I know I've been silent for quite some time now, with very few updates or art postings, but that's because I was stuck in the middle of a very, very, very, very stressful and difficult term of college. I was taking the full version of Anatomy and Physiology (my school offers an intro course for A&P as well), as well as a Physics course, with the term being 3 weeks shorter than other terms, and yet there's still the same amount of content that students are required to learn... It was a NIGHTMARE, but today was my last test. It's over, and I finally have time to relax, draw, and write--whereas before, all my free time was for homework or studying.

So, hopefully I'll have more to update on in regards to the progress of chapters, but... I haven't made any during this term, and instead... may have written something that results in me throwing out almost 4 chapters for the sake of a better intro. I'm still figuring it out, and hopefully I can continue with it to see if it will work better as a start to the book. Quality over quantity for this, so I really don't care if I lose so much 'progress' if I can make something better.

I've been dying to write and draw lately, so hopefully I'll come up with something good to share.

As for the free commission, I'm still seriously considering that, IF I get to 5000 pageviews before the start of Fall term (I think it starts at the 21st of September). If it starts and I'm not at 5000 pageviews, I may push the required pageview up a bit since I'm taking part 2 of Anatomy and Physiology, as well as Advanced Creative Writing in the fall. It's going to be another busy term, but thankfully it's not as short as summer term.
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I have hit 4500 pageviews, and so I thought I’d put up a bit of information about the 5000 pageview kiriban that I’ve been considering doing for watchers. Here are the rules for if I do it:
1. The first person to take a screencap of the 5000 pageview mark and send it to me will win the free commission of a character (see commission rules below). This does not have to be exactly at 5000, but as close as you can get after it has ticked over to 5000.
2. To submit the screencap, place it in your scraps or stash and send me the link through a note—and preferably the time and date sent, in case it takes me a while to get to it. I also need to be able to identify it as my page in some way, so try to edit it as little as possible (if you need to hide personal info on the screencap, I completely understand).
3. This applies to watchers, and a winner will hopefully be announced shortly after I receive the winning note. I will try to post a journal update as soon as this happens, and begin chatting with the winner about their commission.
4. Should I not hear back from the winner about their commission in two days, then the free commission will go to the next person in line. If you have not decided what you want by the time you send the note, and you win, simply let me know and you will have up to a week to figure it out and message me with your decision before it goes to the next person.
5. The commission will be my highest priority in my free time, but I cannot guarantee an exact date for it to be finished. I will post sketches in my scrapbook for the winner to see and make sure they like it before I finish it, and I will attempt to keep the same standards as I do with the rest of my drawings while still getting the picture done in a timely manner.
6. If no one sends a note with the 5000 pageviews after a week, then I will close the kiriban. If I get no watchers sending me notes, but someone else does before 5100 pageviews, I may consider doing a free commission for the non-watcher.

Rules about the commission:
1. For the winner, I will draw a character for them as either a full-body or a portrait. This can be a character from a video game, TV show, movie, one of my characters, an OC, or whatever sort of character—PROVIDED THERE ARE VISUAL REFERENCES AVAILABLE, and it is not another person’s OC without their permission. If you can obtain references and send them to me, that would be preferred to make sure I get the right character.
2. I will not draw characters nude or in sexually explicit positions. To me, I find that drawing characters in such ways violates their dignity and is disrespectful to the original creators who may have not wanted their character to be viewed in such a manner. That’s not to say that I think all forms of nudity are bad or should be banned, I am just personally against participating in such drawings at this time—artistic or not. (This restriction does not include revealing clothing on OCs or characters that are already designed with such clothing).
3. This commission can either be done as a pencil only drawing, ink and colored pencil, or as a Photoshop drawing like how I do the profile pictures. Backgrounds will be minimal unless discussed otherwise. They will not be allowed in the styles of Shareynna in Dragon Nest Costume or Rema Ela'tala in Dragon Nest Costume (WIP?) because these drawings are far too time consuming for a free commission.

I would like to know if people are interested in this to know if I’ll go through with it. I’ll post another update closer to the pageview milestone to let everyone know if it’s a definite thing, and any changes to the rules if they are needed.
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Tara Sketch (WIP) by FrostWolf095
Tara Sketch (WIP)
So here's something I drew earlier while my internet was crapping out. I know I haven't given an update for a while, but that's because of school... This has been the first weekend in over two weeks that I've actually had a break from studying. I've been able to do very little in that time aside from that, but here's a little something. This is one of my OCs that you'll likely be seeing a full body of as soon as I get to my vacation at the end of this school term (her design might be altered slightly, since this is more of a concept than anything else).

This character and her design are mine.
Sis'shir -- Wolf Feather (Armor Redesign) by FrostWolf095
Sis'shir -- Wolf Feather (Armor Redesign)
Well, despite all of the stress from school, I managed to complete a drawing. Now, this is a replacement drawing for one of the character profile pics I've already done, and I decided to redesign it because I felt like the other concept was just... kind of bland, and didn't really fit her character. So, being inspired from a costume in Dragon Nest, I drew this, and I like it a LOT more than the other one.

Sis'shir is my character and her design is mine. Do not use this without my permission.
So, I know it's a bit soon for another update, but school starts tomorrow, so I thought I'd put this up now before I became too busy. I just wanted to say that, as far as art goes, it might be a while for the next profile picture, but there might be a small mini-comic coming up soon if I can find the time to draw it. It won't be anything fancy, but I got the idea from something that happened to me the other day in Dragon Age: Inquisition (lots of weird stuff was happening in the game that day) so it will have to do with that. There will be no spoilers regarding the game, though.

As for the book, I just posted a progress update in the group. For those interested, it can be found here: Progress Update 6/21/15
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