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In general, I like to do fan art of t.v. shows or video games, but most of the work I have been doing in drawing or writing has been devoted to my novel, Wolf Feather. Several of the old concepts litter my gallery, while the newer, and finalized concepts will be posted as I progress on the books.
So, I know I haven't put a lot of art up lately. It certainly isn't because I haven't been drawing, because I've been drawing quite a bit. However, I've had a lot of things that have been very distracting for some time now, which has kind of been keeping me from finishing these things and putting them up.

First off is school. I am in college now (after a rather... unpleasant graduation), and so I am prioritizing school work over finishing the art. Considering that cleaning up line work takes several hours--if not days--of work since I don't have the pen tool, the time I do use to work on it doesn't allow me to get as much done.

Next, I have been having physical problems that I am working on getting addressed, but, unfortunately, it has been bothering me greatly during the wait to see my doctor. It isn't just the pain and other irritations it causes me, but it has also been a blow to my confidence having a constant reminder that something is wrong with me... Hopefully, once I get things moving, I'll feel a bit better and get to work on finishing up the art.

And finally, on top of the other things... well, this is going to be a bit of a story. The guinea pig in the pictures I have posted on here died on the monday before Thanksgiving of last year. I found her the night before and sat with her for several hours, but I was not there when she passed away. Needless to say, this was very difficult to deal with.

I'm bringing this up now because it is relevant to what I've been going through as of late. Last month, my mom and I decided to get new guinea pigs. We got two, who we named Tia and Luna, based on Celestia and Luna from MLP, because of how one was mostly black, and the other was cream and white. Things went well... for about a week, and then I stumbled upon a dead Luna in the cage they shared.

After the shock of it faded a bit, my mom called the pet store. Since Luna was still covered by the fourteen day guarantee, we took her back to the pet store and got a new one (the third of the three that had shared the display pen when we got Tia and Luna), and she was named Rena (I think... I'm not sure how my mom decided to spell it). So, we went along with Tia and Rena for a couple of weeks, and then Tia got sick. We got her to the vet as quick as we could, and they managed to diagnose that she had two parasites in her system. We informed them of Rena sharing a cage with her, and they gave us medicine to treat both of them. Unfortunately, Tia passed away during that night, leaving only Rena left.

Now, Rena is doing fine. She completed the medication, and is currently active, eating, and drinking. I might post a picture of her up, but I'm hesitant on doing so because, while pets are cute, I'm starting to crack down on myself on putting up anything that isn't related to art or my novel-in-progress.

I know this is a long journal, and I'm not sure how many people will actually read this, but this stuff has been weighing on me for a while now. I just needed to vent about it, and also give a bit of insight into why I haven't been putting up much lately. I am looking forward to finishing the drawings I've been working on to put them up, because it is tied in to my novel-in-progress, and I get to blab a bit about it.

Anyway, for those who did read this, thank you for putting up with this wall of text. I do hope to start getting some artwork up here--outside of the fan art I've been doing.
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  • Watching: Funny videos to make me happier
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