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In Memoriam: Buggy Bear by FrostWolf095 In Memoriam: Buggy Bear :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 0 1 Opal being cute by FrostWolf095 Opal being cute :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 14 2 Opal by FrostWolf095 Opal :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 3 1 Happy Halloween! by FrostWolf095 Happy Halloween! :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 1 0 Alyara Drawing WIP by FrostWolf095 Alyara Drawing WIP :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 1 0 Iris drawing WIP by FrostWolf095 Iris drawing WIP :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 2 0 Sis'shir in Dragon Nest costume by FrostWolf095 Sis'shir in Dragon Nest costume :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 0 0 Sis'shir in DN costume (WIP) by FrostWolf095 Sis'shir in DN costume (WIP) :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 0 0 Untitled (Edited) by FrostWolf095 Untitled (Edited) :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 2 0 Tara Sketch (WIP) by FrostWolf095 Tara Sketch (WIP) :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 0 0 Sis'shir -- Wolf Feather (Armor Redesign) by FrostWolf095 Sis'shir -- Wolf Feather (Armor Redesign) :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 1 0 Alyara Rothane -- Wolf Feather 2 by FrostWolf095 Alyara Rothane -- Wolf Feather 2 :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 0 2 Sorrowful Mother (Quick sketch) by FrostWolf095 Sorrowful Mother (Quick sketch) :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 1 0 Lilies 2015 by FrostWolf095 Lilies 2015 :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 0 0 Rema Ela'tala -- Wolf Feather by FrostWolf095 Rema Ela'tala -- Wolf Feather :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 1 0 Shen'zon Tenebrae Dragon Form (Updated concept) by FrostWolf095 Shen'zon Tenebrae Dragon Form (Updated concept) :iconfrostwolf095:FrostWolf095 3 0


Vulric the huargen comission work by Chaos-Draco Vulric the huargen comission work :iconchaos-draco:Chaos-Draco 281 4 Hearthstone - Valeera the Hollow by namesjames Hearthstone - Valeera the Hollow :iconnamesjames:namesjames 659 11 Overwatch - D.Va by GENZOMAN Overwatch - D.Va :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,713 58 Hearthstone - Ice Walker by namesjames Hearthstone - Ice Walker :iconnamesjames:namesjames 428 8 Hearthstone - Blackguard by namesjames Hearthstone - Blackguard :iconnamesjames:namesjames 490 10 Alicorn by Polkadot-Creeper Alicorn :iconpolkadot-creeper:Polkadot-Creeper 190 6 Purple dragon rises by Chaos-Draco Purple dragon rises :iconchaos-draco:Chaos-Draco 428 12 Curse by wlop Curse :iconwlop:wlop 5,932 114 Koi fish by AlviaAlcedo Koi fish :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,477 37 Lancer by Koyorin Lancer :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 1,296 8 Meet Inkly by AlexiaNg Meet Inkly :iconalexiang:AlexiaNg 24 2 Valeera by theDURRRRIAN Valeera :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 1,334 20 Nucleus Spinosus by Senzune Nucleus Spinosus :iconsenzune:Senzune 162 8 XHARTNIL EZNERII - Silver, Alexandrite and Agate. by LUNARIEEN XHARTNIL EZNERII - Silver, Alexandrite and Agate. :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 212 2 Violet crystal dragon by AlviaAlcedo Violet crystal dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,431 71 doe (speedpaint) by naoyi doe (speedpaint) :iconnaoyi:naoyi 123 1


United States
In general, I like to do fan art of t.v. shows or video games, but most of the work I have been doing in drawing or writing has been devoted to my novel, Wolf Feather. Several of the old concepts litter my gallery, while the newer, and finalized concepts will be posted as I progress on the books.

For updates focused solely on the work I do on my novel, watch or become a member of this group, where I will attempt to give weekly updates or post information about the books: wolffeather-novel.deviantart.c…


In Memoriam: Buggy Bear
Sweet little Buggy Bear passed away during the night between Wednesday, April 5th, and Thursday, April 6th. He was 2 years and 8 months old, and always had such a wonderful little look on his face. He was the first baby guinea pig I had ever seen and held, and he will always carry a special place in my heart. His death came as a sudden shock, as he had been acting healthy and normal when I saw him the day before, playing in his morning hay. His Mama Pig and brother, Mouse, are still alive and have been closely monitored since his passing.

May my dear Bugga-bug rest in peace.
Opal being cute
This little piggy makes me laugh a lot. I took her with me to work yesterday, and while I was holding her, she just started sitting like this (albeit, right next to my chest). So, after I held her out, my coworker took this picture.
Hey everyone. Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year, as well as vent a bit. Just a warning, this is going to be a bit heavy, so if you're not interested in reading it, then just know that I'm going to try to work on more artwork soon and actually finish some pieces. My main New Year's resolution is to finish my first book, considering how far along it is--not necessarily publishing it, because I don't know how long it will take and how many hoops I'll need to jump through to do that, but we'll see.

So... I suppose I just want to get this off my chest a bit. These last few months have been especially rough for me. I've been experiencing a lot more anxiety that just keeps building and building until it boils over to episodes of depression. I can't remember exactly when, since days have been blurring together a bit, but it started getting significantly worse sometime within the last couple months after my cousin announced that she was having a baby. Overall, not a scary thing to most people, but I remember entering a full panic when I heard the news and running upstairs to hide in my room until I could breathe again. I've been much more on edge since then, and so I bought a journal to sort out my thoughts as best as I could and try to fight back this anxiety. Well... I have been sorting out my thoughts, but it led me to a full-on break down on Wednesday, when I was supposed to be on vacation. I'm scared, and I know I shouldn't be. My cousin's announcement just set off something in my head that had already been brewing for a long, long time, and I wasn't ready.
In short, I think I've boiled it down to: I'm scared in my own body. I'm terrified of the idea of being pregnant (as silly as that may seem to some people) and no matter what I do, it's going to happen because my body was built to have it happen. So, I never feel safe, no matter where I am. I'm scared of other things too... but this is the one thing that is getting close to crippling me every day.
I've already made an appointment with a therapist, because it's high time I got some help. I hope it works at least a little bit, because everywhere else I've tried has turned me away because of my insurance, and I don't know how many other people are in my area who can help me deal with this. I don't want to be scared in my own skin, and as long as I am, I can't address these issues from a logical frame of mind.

Anyway... yeah... that's where I'm at right now. I'm hoping to get better in 2017 because I don't want to be like this anymore. I want to spend more time enjoying my job, my art, my writing, and PvPing in WoW as my frost DK (:D), not being scared. Thanks to anyone out there who read my crazy ramblings tonight.
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Hey guys. So, this little pig ended up coming in to the veterinary clinic I work at. She was brought back to Petco because she had a head tilt, and long story short, she ended up needing a home because her head tilt was permanent and she needs long term care. I ended up taking her because she was too stinking cute ^-^.
This is Opal, and she's my new guinea pig.
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween everyone! Guess who I am!

So, this is me in my new wig (which I'm still working on styling) and I just wanted to share. I'll take a better picture at some point with some make-up, but this was the best I could do for now. It took me a while to get this one, though, because I hate how I look in pictures (let alone, selfies)--and I may have figured out why! My jaw is crazy crooked and makes my smiles look like awkward smirks... hence the angle this picture was taken at. T'was the only good one I could get.

Anyway... ramble over. I hope everyone had a good holiday :)


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